Valeria Spring began her photography journey in the late 90’s in her home town of Buenos Aires, Argentina. A year after she graduated from high school she signed up for an introductory class at a local photography school and immediately fell in love with the medium. She spent the next decade working with film, developing and printing her work in her in home darkroom.

Photography was put on hiatus for several years, until 2009, when she returned to the medium, this time, mainly in digital format. Starting over was very freeing for her, as she felt she didn’t owe anything to anyone and was able to truly explore beyond the set rules she had once learned. This new freedom allowed her to create and shoot in a very different way which made her love for photography grow deeply. 

Valeria moved to the U.S. in 2001 and to Seattle in 2004, where she now lives with her husband and their two daughters.


2016 Nido Magazine (Deutschland)

2015 -Dreamers Journal

2015 -The long way home

2015- The green parent magazine

2014-Dreamer Journal

2013- 121 Clicks

2013 -Seattle Bride Magazine

2013 -Mozi Magazine

2013 -Ouders Van Nu (Magazine)

2011 -Photographing children by Ginny Felch (book)


March 2015 -Slowing time (At Drygoods/ Seattle, WA)